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behind the name

el nido is our home, our nest, and it's more of a living concept rather than a representation of our physical dwelling.  We think of it as a buzzing ecosystem, from the kombucha cultures fermenting on the counter to our compost worms, to the wild bees that pollinate the coconut palms to the iguanas and caterpillars who eat everything, to our feral-turned-pet cats, our adopted dog, the fire ants we've come to accept, and last but not least our little wild child.


In addition to being a nest to all of these living things, el nido is also the space in which our wildest dreams sprout and simmer. Ideas are shared, encouraged, tried and failed, and tried again. And when old friends and new visit

el nido, our paths and theirs cross-pollinate one another, resulting in inspiration and ánimo and love.

Got something to say or ask? Please do!

Gracias! We look forward to reading your comments!

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